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Discover 70:20:10 learning

70:20:10 is all re-aligning learning and development focus and effort and letting . Its means the results of learning – thinking about performance improvement and helping people do their jobs rather than spending the majority of time and effort on what we would normally use to teach – learning content, instructional design etc. Content and design are no longer the most important inputs to the learning and capability development process.

These three videos, provided by Fusion Universal are part of a series that will help you understand what can be achieved via 70:20:10 learning

NEW! Ian Smale Fuse Testimonial

Ian Smale, CEO of Hydrodec explains how the Fuse Platform has improved global communication, learning and compliance within Hydrodec.

NEW! Sales Effectiveness with Fuse

Fuse can enable your companies sales force to reach their true potential. For more information fusion@fusion-universal.com

70:20:10 by Charles Jennings

Charles Jennings introduces the concept of the 70:20:10 learning, explaining how it can provide a new way to think and develop your employees. He explains why traditional learning solutions are comparatively costly and restrictive and too often lack focus on the end results.

Implementing 70:20:10 processes

Leading on from the Charles Jennings 70 20 10 video, this explains how you can use 70:20:10 concepts to make learning a continuous, never ending process rather than just a one off event.

It demonstrates how you can improve leadership development programme so you can find access and share knowledge when needed. It provides an example of how a leadership program can be designed in a holistic 70 20 10 manner, rather than purely in a formal fashion.

Social Learning – What is it?

Useful background to the 70:20:10 videos, this is the first video in a three part series exploring the concept of social learning. It contains some great content from the TEDtalks series.