Adobe Connect updated

Adobe Systems  has announced Adobe Connect™ 9, the latest version of the company’s Web conferencing software. The system has new features to support mobile learning, mobile-to-mobile collaboration and an all-in-one solution for producing Webinars. The new features will help Adobe Connect compete more effectively with market leaders WebEx and GoTo and more competitively priced e-learning focused virtual classroom systems such as WizIQ.

Adobe says the system has new capabilities for e-learning, specifically to help it cope with the widening range of mobile devices. The new system adds advanced mobile support for meetings and training—meeting hosts get more flexibility presenting from mobile devices with whiteboards and annotation tools now available. Documents can also be shared from tablets, as well as the cloud. Instructors can manage virtual classrooms from devices with the same presenter and sharing options, as well as breakout room controls.

Other features include:

  • An engagement dashboard to monitor event engagement in real time. A color-coded meter helps event hosts track message effectiveness.
  • Online Analytics so event organizers can analyse participant engagement and identify meeting elements and topics. Dynamic analytics capabilities can show the performance of marketing promotions and programs.
  • Templates that enable customisable landing pages, speaker information, registration pages, and login pages to be created.
  • New customisable email templates which can be developed using drag-and-drop capabilities. e-mail triggers can now be created for specified registration groups at predefined times.
  • New recording options so that hosts can now pause and resume recordings during live sessions.
  • Customize recording indexes by adding custom details, such as bookmarks and chapters, for more intuitive Webinar navigation and smoother presentations. You can choose the location or the name, or identify subtopics with chapters and bookmarks so users can explore content.

Adobe Connect 9 is expected to be begin rollout during Q3 2012.

Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook should be also available Q3 2012.

For more information, go to the Adobe Connect website

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