Articulate Storyline hits UK

Advances in technology are bringing about the ‘democratisation of e-learning’, according to expert Tom Kuhlmann. The US-based VP of Community for software company Articulate was in London yesterday to deliver a one day masterclass, hosted by the Charity Learning Consortium.

Speaking to L&TM Digest, Kuhlmann talked about the launch of the new Storyline authoring software, which was demonstrated at the event. Storyline is positioned as an all encompassing e-learning tool that is ‘simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts’.  Kuhlmann feels that this accessible technology will encourage what he calls the democratisation of e-learning.

‘In the same way that anyone can now make videos and put them onto sites such as YouTube, anyone can now create e-learning content using a tool like Storyline and make it available to others via social media channels’, he explains.

elearning at the forefront
Interestingly, Kuhlmann also feels that the impact of wider technology developments and the integration of social media into our daily lives has changed the position of training within a company. ‘Years ago, if the economy was bad, anything in the training field would be the first thing to go. But now e-learning is at the forefront. There’s a lot of opportunity for those of us working in e-learning to figure out how to harness new technologies and social media. It’s still a relatively young industry and the future’s bright’, he said.

Kuhlmann is a prolific blogger and a renowned e-learning expert. He has cult-like status in the industry, with audience members queuing up to ask questions and even take photos throughout the day. The masterclass was a focused event with workshop style sessions that gave the 120 attendees practical advice on e-learning design and development. It included a look at the new Articulate Storyline software which has already been widely adopted in the UK since its launch at the beginning of May 2012.

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