Trainers urged to take PRIDE

Olympic athlete Steve Backley has urged training professionals to take pride in what they do. Addressing the audience at this year’s TrainingZone Live event, hosted by publishers Sift Media in London yesterday, Backley used his entertaining keynote to show how ‘Olympic’ level performance can be achieved in the workplace.

He used the acronym PRIDE to motivate trainers to bring the best out of themselves and the greatest assets of their organisations – their people. This ethos of ‘Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence’ is one he and fellow athlete Roger Black use in their organisation, BackleyBlack.

They also use a model based on five Olympic performance traits to help organisations drive results. These include passion, self belief, clarity, surrounding yourself with talent and always delivering to your maximum.

The keynote came at the end of a day focused on the achievement of organisational goals through the development of their people. The Olympic Development Authority began the event with a glimpse of how their team has managed extraordinary numbers – 17,800 athletes, 100,000 workers, 7.7 million tickets – to ensure London’s readiness for the 2012 Olympics. Michele Owens, head of HR and OD attributes their performance to the belief in a focus on the overall vision and end result this summer, which every single person in the organisation is committed to.

Other sessions included a look at new tools for learning, the impact of social media on organisational learning and how to engage Gen Y in the workplace. There was also an in-depth look at the return on investment of training activities with Jim Kirkpatrick, son of Donald who created the well known ‘four level’ model of training course evaluation more than 40 years ago.

One Response to Trainers urged to take PRIDE

  1. Liam Reply

    May 18, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Brilliant. I’m being told how to do my job by someone whose sole qualification is that he can chuck a stick further than I can.

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