Crowd-sourced learning hits UK

A beta version of the UK’s first crowd sourced learning hub has been released for testing by anyone interested in authoring their own courses. mylearningworx aims to ‘democratise UK learning’ by offering learning created by the crowd, for the crowd – that is any Internet user.

The mylearningworx hub will offer a massively diverse range of subject areas, targeting everyone from individuals to small and medium sized businesses. The system encourages people to share knowledge by creating courses, then offering them free or for an appropriate fee, according to the author’s wishes. Technically, the system combines a cloud-based authoring and curriculum management tool with a categorised content library for easy learner reference.

mylearningworx managing director, Martin Belton, comments “Right now, there is chasm between the ways that learners can acquire new skills online. On the one hand we have the LMS’s and formal elearning, founded on the demands and feedback of corporations, but not the learners themselves. On the other, we have zettabytes of knowledge on the Internet, but we can’t make sense, or validate it using simple social media tools designed for chatting and recreation. That’s where we come in. A dedicated crowd sourced learning hub, like mylearningworx, takes the wisdom of the crowd, organises it, fills in the gaps, validates it and then shares it with the World.”

He continues, “What makes this potentially so powerful is it’s not just about corporate learning. It’s crossing over into learning in everyday life, for everyday people. Learning doesn’t finish when someone leaves the office in the evening after all”

Presently, mylearningworx is opening the site to beta testers to gather input that will feed into its ongoing development of the wider public launch in January 2013. It is also giving beta testers the chance to win a new Kindle Fire. Any learning content created during the beta will be judged by the mylearningworx expert team and award the prize in time for Christmas.

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