NetDimensions and OpenSesame Partner

NetDimensions, providers of performance, knowledge, and learning management systems, and OpenSesame, the crowd-sourced online course providers have announced a partnership and platform integration. This partnership will enable NetDimensions’ users to search for, purchase, and deploy training courses within the NetDimensions¬† Suite.

The two companies will integrate their platforms to provide NetDimensions users to more than 20,000 corporate training courses from the OpenSesame crowd-sourced online marketplace, where organizations can choose courses in categories from business and communication to compliance and information technology.

Customers will be able to follow a pay-as-you-go model and begin using courses instantly, eliminating the time-consuming research, negotiation, and implementation process for purchasing elearning courses.

“NetDimensions clients are global enterprises who rely on us to help them keep their employees on the cutting edge,” said NetDimensions CMO Alex Poulos. “Connecting our NetDimensions Talent Suite to the OpenSesame catalog of courseware will give our clients an instant, flexible, and cost-effective way to access high-quality, off-the-shelf learning content.”

With this integration, NetDimensions users will find the training they need at the moment of need, accelerating learning and innovation in the enterprise.

“NetDimensions is a global leader in talent & learning management because they understand that today’s global enterprises must have the technology tools to respond instantly to changing business needs,” said OpenSesame CEO Don Spear. “Through our partnership, we’ll connect millions of professionals to thousands of courses in essential areas such as business acumen, customer service, and communication skills.”

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