Top 50 training companies revealed

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) has revealed its annual Training Top 50. The research charts the revenues of companies involved in training provision for the last financial year. It takes into account commercial organisations as well as those that are classed as ‘semi-academic’.

Topping the list is controversial employment training provider A4E with revenues of more than £234 million and 23% growth last year. The new top 50 includes many names that are outside the traditional providers of IT training, business skills and leadership development.

The biggest component is government-funded employment training (including welfare-to-work) which constitutes 42 per cent of the total, followed by professional skills (accountancy, law etc) at 17 per cent and commercial training for military, naval and aviation personnel at 14 per cent.

The top 10 includes:

  1. A4E                                        £234 million        (23% growth)
  2. Babcock International    £196 million        (0% growth)
  3. Kaplan                                  £185 million        (6% growth)
  4. Learndirect                         £165 million        (-8% growth)
  5. BPP                                        £153 million        (-4% growth)
  6. QA                                          £94 million           (27% growth)
  7. Ingeus UK                           £93 million           (25% growth)
  8. Pearson in Practice          £80 million           (85% growth)
  9. Avanta Enterprise            £70 million           (32% growth)
  10. JHP Group                           £70 million           (12% growth)

Overall, the 50 companies listed generated revenues that were on average 9.5 per cent higher than last year.

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