Facebook elearning app unveiled

A new social media app which claims to offer elearning in Facebook has been revealed. Izzui made its debut to the technology start-up community at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt on in San Francisco. This is the latest launch in a line of new applications which focus on crowd-sourced learning principles, and teh principles of learning-democratisation.

Izzui permits anyone with a Facebook account to teach, learn and share. Izzui allows users to create and post online content and presentations, invite friends to check them out and also subscribe to other people’s Izzui posts. Users can also rate, evaluate and comment on their Izzui subscriptions, as well as share their course activities on their Facebook profile. Izzui brings social learning and E-learning to the wider public.

Izzui is structured so that users can quickly go to either the Learn or Teach option. Under Learn, Facebook users can browse through courses by topic. Recently added topics include Daily tips; Education; Fashion; Food and Drinks; Games; Health; Languages; Lifestyle; Management and Business; Music; Sports; and Technology. Users can also find courses by searching “All” courses or by Author.

Izzui differentiates itself from other Facebook applications by offering an option for users to create courses collaboratively. By clicking on the “Teach” tab, users will be walked seamlessly through QuickLessons, a professional authoring tool to create courses, using the platform for free. In Izzui, course authors are able to select whether they want to design their course for Mobile or Desktop publishing.

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