LINEstream m-software launched

Another new software platform has been launched to create, publish and manage mobile learning applications. LINEstream aims to put the power of creating smartphone and tablet apps for learning into the hands of staff and subject matter experts, rather than relying on external providers and specialist suppliers.

LINEstream has been launched by LINE communications, a UK based provider of bespoke elearning solutions. The platform provides a simple, web-based interface through which creators access a broad range of application templates. Intuitive navigation enables users to choose their templates to build apps for mobile learning.

LINEstream contains options as to how these apps may be structured to support meaningful journeys through learning content and provides a secure ecosystem within which content can be created and protected. The platform is cloud hosted and completed apps may be hosted either side of an organisational firewall depending on the preference of the organisation. The platform has been specifically designed to integrate easily within existing organisational IT infrastructures.

National and international research demonstrates that organisations are increasingly looking to the power of mobile technologies to help them secure competitive edge and improve service delivery. LINE’s own most recent market survey shows that 100% of respondents are either implementing mobile learning currently, or are interested in exploring its potential. LINEstream joins a growing number of mobile learning tools currently on the market.

Dominic Mason, Head of Mobile at LINE comments: “LINEstream represents the distillation of many years of collective smartphone and tablet design and development experience into a platform that organisations can now licence and use themselves to service internal clients. Using LINEstream is simple and allows organisations to capitalise on the appetite for mobile content by rapidly deploying this scalable, secure platform. LINE’s clients are planning to use LINEstream for learning, marketing, communications and other internal mobile apps after only one day’s training.”

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