Digital Learning Marketplace contract mystery

Mystery surrounded Digital Learning Marketplace (LON:DLM) recent annoucement of an agreement with an ‘unnamed’ FTSE 100 company allegedly worth in excess of £350,000.

It is one of a number of significant contracts currently under negotiation, the company added. “Discussions are being held with other major corporates and further contract wins are expected,” DLM said in the stock exchange announcement, again preferring not to name names.

Enigmatically, the statement went on to say, “The directors of DLM believe that this partnership is the first of several that will be signed, each of which will bring in a number of orders valued over £100,000 over the next six months.”

The announcement shed little light on the nature of the product and services being supplied as it went on to say that the deal with the anonymous FTSE 100 company involves DLM producing “a range of digital learning products with online and video content” .The company also confirmed that, “this is the first commercial contract resulting from the development of the Digital Learning Marketplace platform for distributing truly digital corporate learning materials.”

Last week DLM announced that it was revising its company strategy to consolidate its revenue streams due to its inability to to raise funds in the current market environment and so it could operate at a reduced capital requirement level. In light of those changes, Andy Hasoon resigned his position as CEO and Director of DLM  ‘to pursue other business interests’.  He remains an advisor to the company. The DLM share price currently stands at around 10p.

One Response to Digital Learning Marketplace contract mystery

  1. Liam Reply

    August 16, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    I’m confused about the ‘truly’ digital corporate learning materials. Does that mean some only pretend to be digital? Or has DLM distributed some fake digital learning materials in the past? I think we should be told…

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