Moodle about-turns on mobile learning

Moodle HQ is changing how it supports mobile learning, moving away from native mobile Moodle app development, switching to developing with HTML 5 and the open source mobile development framework Phonegap. The announcment is yet further evidence of the growing strength of the HTML5 community and move away from native application solutions.

Moodle claims the new approach means every release can be compiled for all mobile platforms simultaneously.  The trade-off is that the new app will be slightly slower and less ‘smooth’ than a native app.  Even so, Moodle believes the idea of building up community effort around a cross-platform mobile client will easily outweigh the disadvantages in the long term.

Development of the current iOS app “My Moodle”, and the unfinished Android clone of it, will now stop.  The iOS app will continue to be available in the Apple Store and should continue working for a long time yet. Moodle’s target is to release first official versions of the new app by the end of 2012.

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